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Managing Agile Plone Projects

Sally's has been active in the Plone community for years developing, training and consulting for Jazkarta. Her interests and experience include data and content management, information retrieval, computer aided design, environmental conservation, scientific visualization, and GIS. She has a Ph.D. in biology and loves creating Plone applications that make scientists more productive.

The scenario:

All the pieces have fallen into place for that big website project. You've chosen Plone, you've lined up the budget, you've gathered a team of developers, you've selected a design firm. You've worked with all the stakeholders and come up with a long list of features. Plone and its add-ons will provide many of them, but some will need custom development. How are you going to manage the project?

You know written requirements "thrown over the wall" can lead to trouble. You've heard about agile-development and you like the idea of iterations and adapting to change. But how can you use agile techniques with a part time team and a project that is part design, part development, and all within a feature-rich CMS environment?

This one day course will show you how. Through a combination of lectures, discussions, and group exercises, you will learn an agile approach to managing a Plone development project.

The class will cover:
- Roles
- Discovery
- Scheduling
- Release planning
- Writing user stories
- Estimation
- Iteration planning
- Defining custom content types
- Integrating designers into the process
- Project management tools

The value of the techniques you will learn are very clear to stakeholders. They get full ownership of the project, choosing exactly what it will deliver at every step along the way, and getting the system they envisioned at the end.


Managers, team leaders, project managers, anyone responsible for a CMS development project.


Basic familiarity with content management systems.

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